March 23, 2008

PC's available resources

Problem: How to show IRQ, DMA, memory address used?

Start - Run -

(9x: msd.exe)

March 21, 2008

Microsoft Outlook: Missing mails

Problem: Search in Microsoft Oulook shows mail(s), but they can't be found in any folder

Filter is activated in some or all folders ("Filter Applied").

To remove it,

View - Arrange by - Current view -

click on Messages

March 20, 2008

Send to

Problem: How to edit Send to items?

Start - RUN -


it opens folder inside:

C:\Documents and Settings\user\SendTo

- delete or add items

March 12, 2008

Toolbar doubled

Problem: Items in toolbar (between Start and Time) appear twice

Delete the entry "Default Taskbar (Personal)" from the right side pane.

March 11, 2008

Track changes

Problem: How to remove track changes in excel?

View menu - Toolbars - Reviewing

there is button for all changes -

"Accept All Changes in Document" or "Reject All Changes in Document"

March 10, 2008

PC won't start up

Problem: New PC is plugged but there is no power to start up

1. Motherboard may be short-circuited ie screw(s) may be touching board. Symptom: PC will not start up (power up) at all.

2. There is additional connector for power (JPW1) that is not connected. Symptom: PC is started, but after few seconds it shut downs itself

March 03, 2008

Excel: Show grid

Problem: There are no gridlines in excel

Show gridlines is checked in Tools - Options but there are no gridlines. User has painted cells with white. To show them, color must be removed:

Select cells then go to

Format - Cells - Patterns - No Color