February 23, 2011

Excel comment changed size

Problem: How to adjust size for all comments in excel at once

Here is the solution;

New macro:
Tools - Macro - Macros
choose name
Sub s()

End Sub

copy paste this macro and run:

Function CommentSize(wksht As Excel.Worksheet, hgt As Single, _
wdth As Single)

Dim cmt As Excel.Comment

For Each cmt In wksht.Comments
cmt.Shape.Height = hgt
cmt.Shape.Width = wdth
Next cmt

End Function

Sub TestCmtSize()

Dim wksht As Excel.Worksheet
Dim wb As Excel.Workbook

Set wb = ActiveWorkbook

For Each wksht In wb.Worksheets
Call CommentSize(wksht, 50, 150)
Next wksht

End Sub

for larger comments numbers can change here:
Call CommentSize(wksht, 150, 150)

The change in comment size was caused by user intervention - automatic filter, insert cells, changing size of cells etc.

Size of one comment can be made automatic but only for that selected comment, one at the time.
Right click comment - Format comment
Alignment - check Automatic size

February 21, 2011

Excel can't be saved

Problem: "Document not saved"

Workaround Solution was to copy every sheet into new document.
Solution by registry didn't help, and windows patch requires personal data to receive their patch for this problem.


February 18, 2011

Network not working, domain unreachable

Problem: Internet is working, but computer browsing is not

Apart from varios viruses, SNACNP Network Provider was active.
It can be seen and unchecked via Autoruns, by Sysinternals.
After uncheck, repairing IP should renew address and make it work.

Thanks to Zac.

February 15, 2011

MB Asus P5G41-M and unknown PCI device

Problem: After instalation of official Asus CD with drivers, there is one missing

It was audio driver Realtek High definition audio, found on Asus web page.
During instalation, there was note New hardware found and error with driver, which dissapeared on it's own after few minutes and it was all well instaled after restart.

HP2015 stops responding

Problem: Printer HP 2015 after awhile stops taking orders to print althought it's in ready state

Solution described on HP forum worked ok!


Real easy. The left side cover needs to come off and you just pry it off from the back using a flat tip screwdriver and then out. Remove the 3 connectors and 2 ribbon connectors to the board and remove the 4 screws and remove the board. Remove the black tape piece that covers some items by the dimm slot. Prop up on the 4 corners so the board does not touch anything with the chips facing up and put in baking pan and place in oven preheated to 350 F and keep in over for 8 minutes. Remove a let cool for about 30 minutes and put back together and it should work just fine.

February 09, 2011

Windows XP can't be updated

Problem: After Windows XP repair, activation window can'be be activated

Windows report that it should be activated however when clicking on activation, nothing happens.

It was solved by instaling Internet Explorer 8.
Command prompt didn't help (oobe/msoobe /a ).
After repair there was IE6 which was probably the cause of this problem. Also, IE8 couldn't be downloaded on this machine, so software instalation file for IE8 was copied from another PC.
There was another error message after windows repair:
"the requested lookup key was not found in any active activation context"
This error appeared on web pages randomly. And it was also solved by instaling the newest version of Internet Explorer.