October 20, 2011

Canon i-SENSYS MF4150 doesn't print report(s)

Problem: Fax is working, but there are no fax reports

Problem was low toner,
The printer indicates toner error, however, the hard copy is ok.

Once the toner cartridge was replaced, error was gone and it printed all missing reports.

Office File Validation detected a problem

Problem: "Opening it may be dangerous" message while opening excel file

The cause for this error is new Microsoft Office feature.

Document can be opened
however to turn off this message:

you must create new values in registry editor so it looks like in picture above:
for office 2003:

start - run - cmd -
regedit -

Value: EnableOnLoad
  • 0 = Don’t validate

  • 1 = Validate

  • 2 = Validate unless called via object model

Explanation and Solution:

October 01, 2011

USB mouse not working

Problem: USB installs mouse drivers, however mouse cursor not responding

USB works fine with storage devices, mouse works fine on another PC.
Solution was to reinstal Windows - without format option, only to repair.