May 14, 2013

Office 2003 installation on your computer is corrupted

Problem: Removing Office 2003 and installing 2010 produces error

Consequently, Office 2010 can't be installed.
Registry solved this problem;
run - cmd - regedit:

May 07, 2013

No text when forwarding mail

Problem: In Outlook 2003 there is no message body when forwarding

User had local folder with messages - when opened from this location there is message text, however when user tries to reply or forward, there is no body message.
All mails located in Outlook worked fine when forwarding.

It didn't help to set filtering none:
Tools, Options, General Tab, Email Options... ( button), General Tab "Html Options" > HTML filtering Options: - Select "none"

Also it didn't help to set automatic colour font, nor removing add-ins.

Workaround that helped was to drag e-mails from folder back to outlook folder,
then it worked - message appeared when hitting forward (or reply).

May 02, 2013

Default location for Windows Explorer

Problem: How to set up new location when opening Explorer shortcut?

Find Windows Explorer in Accessories, right click Properties,
add space and address to folder you'd like to be opened - instead of Libraries.