April 23, 2009

Log in to domain PC from workgroup

Problem: Restriction error when connecting to domain user

logon failure: user account restriction

On domain account:
Open Control Panel
Open Administrative Tools
Open Local Security Policy
Navigate to Local Policies > Security Options
Disable the option for "Accounts: Limit local account use of blank passwords to console logon only"

Shut down faster

Problem: How to speed shutting down?

regedit timeout:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER- contol panel - desktop
waittokillapp timeout, reduce it to 2,000 (two seconds)
HungApp timeout - for applications that aren's responding
HKEY_LOCAL:MACHINE - system - currentcontolset - control
waittokill - set it to 2,000
this will kill background services faster

April 14, 2009

Error 1324

Problem: After XP repair, there is an error 1324

User had made Program Files directory on D drive which was changed to E after repair XP.
Switching back to D solved this error.

April 10, 2009

Word freezes

Problem: Word freezes and it takes time to unfreeze

User had used various languages in the text which made Word to search for the right dictionary. When it was turned off, it stopped to freeze!

Tools - Options - Spelling & Grammar

Check spelling..

April 09, 2009

Hide comment in Excel

Problem: Comment stays on in excel

To autohide comment in Excel:
Tools - Options - View - Comments -


Comment indicator only

April 08, 2009

When installing Adobe Professional 7, there is an error 1303

Problem: No sufficiant permissions on Documents and Settings - All Users, Windows XP Home

This helped:

run - cmd -
cacls "c:\Documents and Settings\All Users" /T /E /C /G administrators:F

April 07, 2009

Excel 2003/2007 crash during closing

Problem: When closing, excel produce an error

Microsoft Office Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.Recover my work and restart Microsoft Office Excel

Previous workarounds do not work effectively.

This is solution:


Excel crashes on exit


LoadBehavior from 3 to 0

April 06, 2009

XP on Toshiba Satellite L40

Problem: XP can't be installed, nor Vista

Toshiba Satellite L40 web site claims that various versions of BIOS work for either Vista or XP.
For example:
BIOS version 1.60 upgrade for Satellite L40 (For PSL48*-*****,PSL4C*-*****).This BIOS is intended for use with a Windows Vista OS.

For XP, F6 SATA drivers should be slipped into XP instalation (N-lite)
Drivers for F6 SATA are hidden under utilities.
Other drivers:

Also, depending on Model there are various wireless drivers, the name can be found on the down side of laptop.

April 02, 2009

Domain/Workgroup grayed

Problem: Internet works but PC workgoup or domain is not accessable

This helped:

Control panel - Administrative Tools -

Services -

Workstation -

it must be automatic (it was disabled)