June 30, 2012

Pictures don't show up in Windows7

Problem: In folder My Pictures, pictures have no display image, only default icon instead

Start - Control panel - System -
Advanced System settings (AKA System properties) -
Advanced - Settings - Visual effects at Performance options:
Show thumbnails instead of icons
uncheck it - apply - and then check it again -ok


How to sum a cell with another cells in different worksheets

Problem: To sum cells from another sheets in Excel

 Formulae for the example shown on picture is:

to sum sheets named after months- in this example with cells to be summed are found at A1 address, and result to be displayed in first sheet (that's why it's called A1 - it doesn't have January in name)

If we want sum to be displayed in new sheet, the same formulae would be:

or with cells we want to calculate are found at A1:

June 23, 2012

Word - removing extra page

Problem: Microsoft Word - The last (blank) page can't be removed

In this instance, blank extra page at the end of document appeared because user tried to delete last line on the first page - which didn't do anything.
The cause of annoying extra page was between cells (as showed on picture). Positioning cursor at the right spot between cells and hitting del key here removed that extra page (but also joined two tables together).

Printer Samsung ML-2851 behaving erratically

Problem: ML-2851 when shared on the network blocks users randomly

Problem were drivers on Samsung web page.
It was solved by deinstaling printer drivers on all infected PCs. (Windows XP: also by removing Control Panel - Printers - File-Printer settings - Remove ML2851 drivers here also). And then drivers were installed by using drivers CD.
Web page by Samsung offers only universal drivers which cause problems.

Windows XP freeze after login

Problem: A few seconds after entering Windows, it freezes completely

Safe mode (press F8 after turning on PC) works ok, it helped to scan PC, there were various viruses.
Combofix, online scan - nothing helped. Repair also produced freezing - at 34th minute of repair-
problem was solved by formating PC.

June 12, 2012

HP ProBook 4710s after reinstal is at 100% CPU

Problem: Laptop 4710s is very slow before and after reinstal (format C), CPU at 100% when plugged

It was power managment in Windows 7 - it slows down the laptop;

Quick solution is to unplug the power, to finish all instalation.
Safe mode works without interruption.

This didn't help at all:
Power options - HP Optimized selected, or if choose Power saver - it goes back to CPU 100% usage.
Options - Processor power management - lower than 100%, CPU usage still high.
Screen birightness - Windows mobility - Display Brighness - to 50%.

Mobile internet connects but no web page

Problem: Connection to Mobile network works however nothing displays over IE or Firefox

Viruses caused the problem.
Malwarebytes quick scan found them and once removed, internet worked ok.

June 06, 2012

In Outlook2010 link in a message is not working

Problem: After user clicks on a link in an Outlook message there is an error

Error is:
This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer.
Microsoft web suggest that IE settings should be reset - this didn't help.
However, their "Microsoft Fix it 50388" solved the problem.

Excel rows and columns appear at the right

Problem: Document in excel received from arabic country

Tools - Options - International
uncheck option "View current sheet right-to-left"