April 26, 2012

How to print BCC from Microsoft Outlook 2003

Problem: User needs hard copy of sent mail in BCC field

Open e-mail you want to print,
Tools - Forms - Design this form (this will not appear if you open it from Outlook menu itself)
From Field chooser select from drop-down menu "Address fields"
and then drag BCC to e-mail , below CC.
Then right-click BCC - Properties - and in Validation tab, check the option "Include this field for Printing..."
Save, close and then BCC will appear when printing this mail.

April 25, 2012

Excel forumula, enter data then a letter appears in another cell

Problem: How to enter a letter in one cell and another cell displays a number (or any character) corresponding to entered data?

cell K3 needs this forumulae;

cell L3 needs this forumulae;

So, user will enter D or N in cell G3
and in the same time cell K3 will display 1, and L3 will display zero.
If user enters some other letter than D or N, both cells will display 0.

April 04, 2012

Signature doesn't appear/is blank

Problem: Microsoft Outlook signature can be written in yet not displayed

The name of signature must not contain dot.
(for example "signature.name" is wrong, "signaturename" is ok)
If the name contains dot, there will be no error while creating signature, however it will not appear in e-mail.
This problem was found locally, it's not universal - other windows alllow dots in the signature name.