November 25, 2010

Format date after merge

Problem: User wants european date format in Word after merging data date from an Excel document

Although regional settings are all set for local date format (date-month-year), after merge command, it appears in US format ie month - date - year.

Righ click Edit Fields
Field Codes
add this text to command already present:
\@ "d.M.YYYY"

If month appears as 00, original data for (stored in excel for example) date should be formated with *

DATUG is user defined field name.

Use ALT+F9 if data suddenly stops to merge, it is used to show format command from Field Codes.

November 22, 2010

A6R-5098 hangs at boot

Problem: Laptop freezes during start-up, BIOS or CD/DVD can't be accessed

Solution is to remove HDD, connect it via adapter to working PC,
Control panel - Administrative Tools - Computer managment -
Storage - Disk manager - Delete, reformat disk.
It had 2 partitions
which were created during Windows 7 instalation.
They are the cause of this problem,
which appears falsely at first as invalid MBO, HDD or BIOS.

Printer can't be installed on Windows7

Problem: Printers Canon Xerox 8550 and HP Laserjet 2015 refuse to instal via network on W7

Solution is to instal it locally
and then Add Port from Devices and Printers.
Enter information the same as on Windows XP
for example
ip adress

Drivers for HP2015 are used for Windows Vista, since HP offers only universal printer driver - which doesn't work via network - with shared printer on XP pc.

November 12, 2010

Prevent Duplicate Entries in Excel formulae

Problem: Duplicate entries Excel formula is not working

Proposed formula found on google is not working; =COUNTIF($A$1:$A$50,A1)=1

the correct one is this, with ";" instead of ","

Data - Validation
Allow: Custom

for whole sheet

for C column only

Error alert
enter you own error message

November 11, 2010

Unable to establish a connection with the activation server.

Problem: 32777 error during validation XP

This helped, thanx to Kiki;

IE, or Control panel - Internet Options,
Internet Properties:
Security - Local intranet - Custom level
Reset to: Low -

Trusted sites, add:

I guess this might help with various Microsoft update problems as well?