January 29, 2009

Network is not showing

Problem: There are no network icons


Network services were disabled:

Manage - Services -

network connections, com+, remote access, windows managment, dns client...

it all should be automatic + start

January 28, 2009

USB not working (Code 32)

Problem: When USB memory stick is plugged, it appears asa yellow exlamation point

This web helped:


Start value = must be 2

(it was 4)

Log off - log on and it's ok.

CD/DVD not working (Code 32)

Problem: In device manager, CD/DVD drive is marked with yellow exclamation point

Unistal, reinstal, restart do not work.
This web helped:

it offers patch "CD Gone" download:

January 23, 2009

PST location in Vista

Problem: Where is archive mail folder in Vista?

Users - username - AppData - Local - Microsoft - Outlook

January 20, 2009

Excel 2003 crashes when closing

Problem: When closing excel, it reports an error

Workaround is to click somewhere on the spreasheet and then closing will work without the crash.
So, open empty excel, click somewhere on the cells,
then save as workbook (Book1) - not template.
Copy Book1 to excel start up folder located in Program files:
c:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\office\xlstart
and also Startup folder!

If that doesn't help, then
1. Create Excel shortcut on desktop,
Deinstal Office 2003 SP3 and instal Office 2003 SP2
2. Copy PRO11 and FILES folder from installation CD to C - WINDOWS - Installer
(show hidden/ uncheck Hidden to view installer folder)
3. Delete Excel from Program Files - Microsoft Office
and start shortcut of Excel from desktop
4. Dialog will appear:
Use Source and indicate it that to use C - WINDOWS - Installer

4/7/2010 UPDATE:

January 17, 2009

Equation automatically changes typed text

Problem: Text in equation changes or no spaces allowed

Double click equation or right click - open,

and change to text from Style toolbar. Settings were on Math thus problem with text.

Also if non-english characters present, there should be other fonts selected:
Style - Other - Fonts: Times New Roman CE

January 15, 2009

Typing in Mozilla Firefox from right to left

Problem: All text is key entered backwards

As if there are arabic settings somewhere. Solution according to web is to close and restart Firefox (due to Java related bug) but it helped to restart PC altogether.