January 31, 2008

Intel cpu ucode error

Problem: When starting ASUS P5GD1 Vintage, there is an error message with instruction to press F1

Solution is to update BIOS (according to web resoucres) but workaround is to find and enable option in BIOS - to continue boot, ie not to wait for user to press F1

Other options should be set as:
CPU Fan speed - IGNORED
CPU Q Fan Control - ENABLED
CPU Fan Ratio - AUTO
CPU Target Temp - 60 (or 66)

January 28, 2008


Problem: Blue screen with error 0x0000008E appears

It helped me to scan PC with Bit defender online scan. There were viruses and trojans (both in application data-temp and temp. internet files, and in root etc) - BSOD oxoooooo8E error appeared even after viruses were removed! PC should be restarted after removal even though BSOD error will appear (for the last time in this case).

January 18, 2008

Windows Installer Service could not be accessed

Problem: There is error message when new printer is installed

The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode, or if the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance.

Safe mode -

run -

msiexec /regserver

Also, during driver installation, dialog window stayed at 94% but reported no errors. When Trend micro security was removed, installer continued.

January 09, 2008

Autocomplete of all e-mails typed (in Outlook XP, 2003)

Problem: How to copy all entered e-mails that appear in address ("TO") field to a new PC

That is automplete cache of all addresses in Microsoft Outlook xp and 2003.

It is found in file outlook.nk2 -

it should be copied in same folder to the new machine:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook


Picture in Word do not show up II

Problem: Although ENABLE WRITE COMBING setting is disabled, picture in Word do not show up




Move slider for Hardware acceleraton to left

this option will make TV viewing non functional!!

January 08, 2008

GetCurrentImage failed, hr = 8000ffff

Problem: error message when saving image in Windows Media Classic

View - Options - Output - DirectShow Video -
click on SYSTEM DEFAULT (not overlay mixer)


Error "Word has not been installed for the current user"

Problem: When opening word 2003 (excel, pp etc) there is error message to reinstal office

Solutions found on the net do not work :resolution from microsoft.com to unistall and to edit Registry, to delete folder Office in Program files ( which makes windows unstable!! ), to edit permissions in registry, also editing security tab for C drive or Program files folder also do not help.
This web page solved the problem:
1) Create a Windows Account with full control admin rights, and thengo ahead and log into that new account.
2) When under the newly created account, open every Office product youhave, then close one at a time (Excel, Word, PP, etc...)
3) After opening every Office App, go into the registry editor (Start Run, then type in Regedit)
4) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Office, andhighlight Office
5) Then right click on Office, and go to Export, save the .reg file tosomewhere you will be able to find it (Root of C:\ for me)
6) Log off your temp Windows account, and log back in under yournormal Windows account that was giving you the error.
7) Open regedit again, and then go to File Import and pick the filethat was exported.
8) After it says that it was successfully imported, go ahead and trythe app that was giving you problems.
Now it should work, just like it did for me. Also, remember you delete the temp account that you created!!

January 03, 2008

Mouse moves automatically to button

Problem: Mouse pointer appears to button choice when there is dialog button (OK or cancel)

Control panel - Mouse -
Pointer options - Snap to:

remove checked item "Automatically remove pointer to the default button in a dialog box"