August 20, 2009

Windows hangs at shut down

Problem: How to shorten time-out for windows during shutting down


HKEY_CURRENT_USER- contol panel - desktopwaittokillapp timeout,

reduce it to 2,000 (two seconds)

HungApp timeout - for applications that aren's responding

HKEY_LOCAL:MACHINE - system - currentcontolset - controlwittokill

- set it to 2,000

this will kill background services faster

August 19, 2009

Windows installer appears everytime when Office is opened

Problem: After Office 2007 was removed and Office 2003 reinstalled, installer pops up

This didn't help: Group policy, msiexec command, reinstalling office.

This helped:

Windows installer cleaner

There were Office 2007 references,

when Office Plus 2007 was removed, installer message didn't appear again.