November 28, 2011

Error - path to Symantec AntiVirus.msi

Problem: "The feature you are trying to use is on a network"

Remove Symantec with free Microsoft program "MSI removal" - find Symantec in the list and remove it,
then reinstal Symantec.

November 21, 2011

Printer Samsung 2851 prints blank pages

Problem: With new toner inserted, there are only blank pages

Another toner also produced blanks. However old toner worked ok.
It was solved by shutting down the printer and switching it on again..

November 11, 2011

An error (607) occured during the action Print.

Problem: Visio won't print

Problem was with printer removed from the network, user didn't see descriptiont that printer is no longer available.
Another printer installed solved the problem.

November 10, 2011

Cannot Instal this Hardware error for printer

Problem: Printer refusing to print

Error message for Samsung ML-3050 was "Cannot Instal this Hardware".
Instaling universal samsung driver reported printer was offline.

Solution was to replace printer cable and installing drivers for 3050.

How to show expired date in excel

Problem: What is formulae in excel for showing expired dates

Explained for Excel 2003 - 2011:

formulae won't work if user used full stop in the date (11.11.2011.)
Find - replace 2011. with 2011 solved that problem (11.11.2011)

Xerox 8550 appears offline

Problem: It's offline on PC screen, it's "Ready to print" on printer display

Troubleshooting – (OK)
Service Tools – (OK)

Reset NVRAM – (OK)
Reset Nvram And Reset Printer – (OK)

(thanx to Tomi)

November 07, 2011

Format cells in excel for typing a number as currency

Problem: How to automatically format cells in excel for currency

Format Cells - Number - Custom
Type for euro:
#.##0,00 "€"

or some other currency;
#.##0 "LEK "

SM Bus unknown driver at G41MT-D3V

Problem: Although official CD installed all drivers, there is SMBus unknown

Solution is here:*

Intel offers description and link for this problem: