January 26, 2011

Asus V2-P5945G turn-on switch doesn't work

Problem: User broke switch

Once the front mask removed, switch was easily accessable -
it should be pressed toward front to sit in it's place (like in a picture above).

January 17, 2011

Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook, Unable to open the Outlook window

Problem: After unistaling Office 2010 and instaling 2003 there is Outlook error

Solution was to remove profile and to add it again.
Control panel - Mail - E-mail accounts - View: Next - Remove
Control panel - Mail - E-mail accounts - Add

January 13, 2011

STOP: c000021a (Fatal System Error)

Problem: Blue screen during bootup, after format there is stop error

Problem was caused by bad Fujitsu HDD,
inside HP Compaq nx6310.
Other symptoms were - data error (cyclic redundancy check) while copying data in ERD Commander. Also full format couldn't be completed, it hangs at 2%. Quick format passed ok.

Once new HDD was instead of the bad one, windows installation went fine.

Check Box i Label Box in Excel

Problem: Checkbox/labelbox can't be removed from excel

Toolbar "toolbox" should be active and this enables user to remove boxes-
View - Toolbars- Control toolbox
click on the box and delete

January 05, 2011

Adobe professional 7 (or 6) report error during instal

Problem: Print spooler restarting error while installing Adobe

Adobe professional restarts print spooler automatically
however problem was - print spooler can't finish restarting and hangs in restart option.
Restarting via services.msc or cmd didn't help.
The cause was Symantec antivirus- once it was removed, instalation went without perfect.
And removal of symantec didn't go perfectly as well - it was removed manually in total via msconfig.