February 26, 2009

Insufficient memory to start ScanWizard 5

Problem: Medion scanner won't start


Control panel - Scanner - work ok


from Photoshop or Adobe professional

select scanner:

WIA-USB 2.0 Scanner
then click Preview (not Scan first)

Medion scanner will not work if unplugged. PC must be in shut down while unplugging either from USB or power adapter!

February 25, 2009

Start up

Problem: Virus/Spyware starts with start up


HKLOCAL - software - microsoft - windowsNT - CurrentVersion -

WinLogon -


it must have only:


and nothing else - delete other input after it

Welcome screen XP

Problem: Classic login appears

Control panel - users - welcome screen is turned on, but classic screen appears-

to remove it, registry did not help-
but this helped:
start - cmd - control userpasswords2
and uncheck

February 20, 2009

Web n walk - device not found

Problem: Web n walk Software is installed but no icon in tray

When Web'n'walk shorcut is started it reports error Device not found/Uređaj nije nađen (HR). There was older software installed on computer (for an older web n walk model). It should be removed! If this new one was installed it should be removed also. And restarted.
Then, when all web n walk software us removed, this new one should be installed. Icon will not appear in the tray (as it did in older model), it will appear only on desktop as a shortcut.

February 13, 2009

PC restarts when AVI is started via VCL

Problem: Blue screen and atkdisp.dll when video is started appear when automatically reboot is unchecked

This happens when other graphics card than Asus is installed and Asus drivers and software is still installed on PC.

PC stopped to crash when ASUS drivers and ASUS OSD gamer was uninstalled.