March 25, 2011

Excel takes long time to delete rows

Problem: It takes long time for calculating

Tools - Options -
check Manual
instead of Automatic,
user reports that after this option, excel deletes rows immediately,
and only when saving document, excel calculates for long time, however much less time than before.

March 23, 2011

Network is not working, all devices have exclamation point!

Problem: Vodafone web stick also reports errors, USB network instals with code39

It was a virus,
which infected ndis.sys file, situated in

Antivirus deleted this file, causing all network devices to report code 39.
Deleting lower filters in registry, as suggested for this code39 error, didn't help.

This web page helped:

after copying ndis.sys from a PC which works fine and after restart, a blue screen of death appeared.
I get rid of it via ERD commander and inserting registry information which was missing too:
"DisplayName"="NDIS System Driver"
"Group"="NDIS Wrapper"





Actually, I opened a regedit on PC which worked ok and wrote this in troubled registry which was missing this information.
After restart, all devices were fine.

So I wouldn't suggest restart after "ndis.sys" copy without checking this registry information about ndis.sys first - they should be written or imported into registry if missing.

March 10, 2011

Toner ML-D2850B/XAA doesn't print

Problem: Samsung ML-2851 reports "Invalid toner"

XAA is, as the toner box states itself, "for sale only in Americas", it won't work on european printers.
Toners for Europe have ELS mark, written only on toner itself, not on the box. Toner's box for Europe is in green colour, and for Americas is purple one with region map and warning on it.