January 22, 2010

Disable copy/paste in Word

Problem: User wants to forbid select-copy-paste function in Word

Tools - Protect document -
at number 2 select
Allow only this type of editing in the document:

Filling in forms

Yes,Start Enforcing Protection

(+ enter password)

Web n' walk - internet connections stops to respond

Problem: Web n walk connection and internet works, however after a minute, there is no internet, but connection is still on

There was a Trojan-
Trojan Downloader: Win32/Bredolab.AA

Microsoft Security Essentials detected it but

Super antispyware found it and removed it from start-up

Word bolds everything

Problem: When user click to bold text, everything turns to be bolded

This web helped:
1. Format | Styles and Formatting

2. Select the style you’re using (presumably Normal) in the task pane

3. Modify

4. In the Modify Style dialog, clear the check box for “Automatically update.

5. Check the box for “Add to template.”

6. OK

January 14, 2010

After reinstal, Windows hangs at activation

Problem: After clicking OK at this error message, nothing happens, Windows hangs at background screen

Error messages states:
Windows Product Activation
A problem has prevented Windows from accurately checking the status of the license for this computer. To proceed your copy of Windows must be activated with Microsoft.
Do you want to activate Windows now?

Problem was network switch which works fine with other PCs, however with this one it was not operative even though it looks like everything's ok with network (blinking at network card, connecting another PC). Windows do not offer user to see network status on PC, or workaround with this message (by unplugging network cable) thus user can't see that network card reports error because drivers list is unavailable. It seems that the card had problem with network speed in relation with the switch.

It was solved by simply connecting PC to another network switch.

January 08, 2010

Service pack 2 can't be installed

Problem: "The product key used to install Microsoft Windows may not be valid"

Place Windows CD with SP2 to boot and re-install Windows but without formating it!

It may report missing drivers' files but it will work nevertheless when it finish.