September 18, 2009

Rule in Outlook

Problem: There is an error message when applying rule in Outlook

Also, rule cannot be checked at all.
The Error message is:

One or more rules could not be uploaded to Exchange server and have been deactivated.


Close outlook,

start - run -

 outlook /cleanrules

All present rules will be removed and rules will be set to default settings, which allow the following  rules to work.

Mail merge date format

Problem: Instead of EU date format(7.8.2009), US format appears (8/7/09)

In Word -

Tools - Options

this option;  Confirm conversion at Open

it should be checked!
Then re-merge documents,

and during merge there will be options to choose -

OLE is US format
and DDE is the right format which should be checked during merge.

Previous documents which are already merged should be re-merged after the Conversion options is checked.