December 21, 2007

XP - MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version

Problem: On XP, when starting Outlook 2003, there is MAPI32 error message

Error message is the same as on Vista:
Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version. This could have been caused by installing other messaging sofware. Please reinstall Outlook.

Microsoft Office Language Pack 2007 should be deinstalled. And then MAPI32.DLL should be renamed the same as in Vista

December 20, 2007

Vista - MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version

Problem: Although Office 2007 is deinstalled, there is an error message when starting Outlook 2003 (On Vista)

Error message is:

Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. MAPI32.DLL is corrupt or the wrong version. This could have been caused by installing other messaging sofware. Please reinstall Outlook.

Reinstalling Outlook 2003 has not helped. This has:

Rename the file MSMAPI32.DLL

It is located here:

Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033

(for some reason, search won't find it)

December 18, 2007

Acquiring Network Address

Problem: Wireless connection not working, can't resolve IP, gateway, DNS

Deinstal wireless network adapter and reinstal driver

December 10, 2007

Compaq 6720s - Further problems

Problem: Network is not working, modem not found, audio not working
"This notebook was originally designed for Vista, with no official support for XP" thus problems.

Network - BIOS must be updated from f01 to f03

then, modem is not found on hp support web page. Modem inside is

For audio, first instal Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio

December 07, 2007

Can't install Windows XP on laptop Compaq 6720s

Problem: Setup reports No hardware, (did not find any hardware)

- disable it

December 04, 2007

Photobucket Album

Trust relationship between workstation and domain error

Problem: When user log in to domain, error "wrong time" appears

And when it's disjoined from domain, error "Trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed" appears and user cannot be added back to domain. Problem was in this case with computer time - it was set in a wrong year (and also minutes were not the same as PC next to it - 5 minutes difference). And once the time was corrected, pc had to be disjoined-joined all over again in order to recognize user.

November 30, 2007

Picture in Word do not show up

Problem: When Word document is opened, there is no picture when document is scrolled, but it does show up when document is minimized and restored again


November 26, 2007

The name is already in use as either a service name or a service display name.

Problem: Network card in Device Manager reports "The name is already in use"
1. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties. 2. Click the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager. 3. In Device Manager, expand Network adapters, right-click Network_Adapter_Name, and then click Uninstall. 4. In the Confirm Device Removal dialog box, click OK. 5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each network adapter that is listed in Device Manager. 6. Close Device Manager. 7. Click Start, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK. 8. On the General tab, click Diagnostic Startup - load basic devices and services only. 9. Click the Services tab, and then click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box. 10. In the Services list, click to clear each of the services check boxes, and then click OK. 11. Restart your computer. 12. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK. 13. In Registry Editor, click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click File, and then click Export. 14. In the Save In list, click Desktop, in the Name box type HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, click Save, and then close the Export Registry File dialog box. 15. Expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services, and then look for registry entries specific to your network adapter. For example, if you have a Linksys network adapter, look for entries named Linksys. When you find an entry, right-click the name and then click Delete. 16. Click Start, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK. 17. On the General tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services. 18. Click the Services tab, and then click to select each service check box. 19. Restart your computer. 20. Windows XP will detect your network adapter and install the correct driver files. 21. Click Start, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK. 22. On the General tab, click Normal Startup - load all device drivers and services. 23. Click the Services tab, and then click to select the Hide All Microsoft Services check box. 24. In the Services list, click to select each of the services check boxes, and then click OK. 25. Restart your computer several times to make sure that all devices and services are loading correctly. 26. When you are sure that all devices are working correctly, right-click the following registry entry on your desktop, click Delete, and then click Yes to confirm: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

Example for Compaq nx6110:
Network is not working, and when following above resolution step by step, in step 15 - when one should find the name of network card, on web pages with the specifications for nx6110 it says that network card inside nx6110 is NetXtreme (10/100 NIC) PCI Express Ethernet Controller. But in registry there is no Netextreme to be found! Actually it is found under Broadcom (search for "Broadcom" in registry), and after resolution, installed network card for nx6110 is actually identified as Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Contoller and not as Netextreme

November 23, 2007

How to remove "Configuration Recovery Menu"

Problem: On boot-up (before entering Windows), there is "Hardware profile" message, waiting to be selected in order to enter Windows

In windows 2000; System properties - Hardware - Hardware profiles:
there are 3 options for handling profiles:
1. delete additional profile, 2. wait until select, 3. choose countdown seconds for selection

October 31, 2007

Xerox Phaser 8550 Paper jam

Problem: Printer Xerox 8550 is indicating paper jam

Small piece of paper is in the paper entrance, obviously user has torn of the rest. Also, printer is indicating paper jam at tray 2, but torn piece was found in tray 3.

October 25, 2007

Object Library Not Registered

Problem: When starting Excel 2000, there is "Object library.." error

find and delete start-up file(s) for excel:
c-program files - microsoft office - office 10 - XLStart -
inside that folder delete "insert button..." (ie visio)

October 24, 2007

Inaccessible Boot Device

Problem: Win 2000 cannot boot

Run chkdsk/f, sfc/scannow, viruc scheck... nothing worked. Removed hdd (which invloved transport of disk) and installed it in another lap - and it worked, then it was returned back.

October 17, 2007

MP-592v came with no AVI converter software

Problem: clips added cannot be displayed and no software is found on cd with drivers

Download PocketDivXEncoder

October 15, 2007

An error occured during directory enumeration

Problem: PC won't start, loads winxp logo and then it restarts

Run repair console (press r) from xp cd and then chkdsk /r

October 11, 2007

HP Compaq 6710s - further problems

Problem: after installation of Win XP, there are problems with drivers

First, if it is installed with XP with latest patches and updates, there are no problems with modem and audio. But if all drivers that are found on HP.COM are installed, then miniport #3 appears with exclamation point (!) and it cannot be uninstalled.
So, when hdd is formatted and installed all over again with basic Win XP Service pack2, there is no miniport error at all but there is instead a problem with audio and uknown driver. Plus, not all drivers from web site should be installed - in order to avoid phantom miniport driver.
To resolve Audio driver - first there must be installed KB888111XPSP2.exe patch (for some reason not found on but via google resources) - in order to resolve error "HDA AUDIO BUS DRIVER". And then instal official audio driver found on
Unknown driver - it is quick launch driver, keyboard-filter_01. Also found on

October 10, 2007

HP Compaq 6710s Setup did not find any hard disk

Problem: During instalation setup of Windows XP, on laptop HP Compaq 6710s, "no hard disk" is reported

In BIOS - find option:
(it is enabled by default)

October 09, 2007

Canon MF4100 have toner but display "no toner"

Problem: Although toner FX100 is in printer/fax/scanner Canon MF4100 - it displayes toner error "insert toner catridge, lift cover etc"

Solution: First remove all papers stacked for printing, then remove toner catridge and of course return toner back inside. One paper was in printer set to print - it should be removed, somehow it made canon to think that there's no toner.

October 05, 2007

K8S-MV/V Unknown driver

Problem: Unknown driver on barebone Vintage A1 (K8S, K8V etc)

ACPI driver for ATK 0110 Virtual device, found under UTILITY (it is not at the drivers section)

October 04, 2007

Disable (IE 7)

Problem: How to disable in registry start web page with settings in IE7

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main]

RunOnceComplete may need to be added,
New - string value

SL-85MR3-3 drivers

Problem: Soltek web site is down, no drivers

Solution: Graphics - 85MR3-3 use INTEL (r) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV - not MSI Nvidia gf3 or Quadro,
audio - realtek ac97: WDM_A401 , raid: promise 20376: promise_20376_1.0.19

PC Freezes, explorer.exe CPU 100% usage

Problem: PC freezes 1 minute after entering windows login, even in safe mode

Symptoms: Memory is ok (mem test passed ok), graphics card changed, modem and CDs disconnected - pc still freezes soon after entering user login. Task manager did not froze - everything within explorer.exe did. End task on explorer.exe and enetering explorer.exe on run worked, but sometimes that also completly froze after cca 10 minutes. Safe mode worked ok for 15 seconds - 2 minutes and then also windows have frozen. Task manager worked mostly ok in safe mode. Start-up items of non-windows files in msconfig was unchecked.

Solution: HDD must be taken out of PC and attached to another PC as secondary drive. Scan with at least 3 online scanners (kaspersky, ewido, f secure, trend micro etc...), twice!
In this case, PC worked fine after these were deleted:

D:\WINDOWS\system32\AppCert\wnl32.dll Infected: Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Agent.dng skipped
D:\WINDOWS\system32\boelcnrd.dll Infected: Trojan.Win32.Agent.bsj skipped
D:\WINDOWS\system32\dpvacmc.dll Infected: Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.bxm skipped
D:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\kmfpkblm.sys Infected: Rootkit.Win32.Agent.iy skipped
D:\WINDOWS\system32\mmrqvwkv.dll Infected: Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Agent.bzw skipped
D:\WINDOWS\system32\watvtyhw.dll Infected: Trojan.Win32.Delf.agv skipped
D:\WINDOWS\system32\wneeuggh.dll Infected: Trojan.Win32.Delf.agw
D:\WINDOWS\pss\MS_upd_98251.exeCommon Startup
D:\WINDOWS\pss\Update_0709_KB261721.exeCommon Startup
D:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Dr Watson\user.dmp Object is locked skipped
D:\found.000\file0000.chk Object is locked skipped
D:\System Volume Information\_restore{616AEE53-AC10-4393-B43B-0DAE11791A1B}\RP2\A0023033.sys Infected: Rootkit.Win32.Agent.iy skipped
D:\System Volume Information\_restore{616AEE53-AC10-4393-B43B-0DAE11791A1B}\RP5\A0057121.exe Infected:

September 28, 2007

Laptop Numeric Keypad is locked

Problem: Numeric keypad is set on, some letters are not showing only numbers instead of letters (for example M=0, J=1, K=2 L=3 etc)

To enable or disable the numeric keypad, press and hold SHIFT and then press NUMLK (SCRLK).

To enable full keyboard to work from start up:
in registry:
HKEY_USERS\.Default\Control Panel\Keyboard
Change the value for InitialKeyboardIndicators from 2 to 0

On laptop Asus A9T it helped to enter number 3 in registry (instead of 0)

Laptop Keyboard

Problem: Laptop keyboard is not working

Additional symptom: Bios + external USB keyboard is OK.
In device manager : error code 32, keyboard is disabled in registry

To enable:
Run - regedit :
My computer - HKey_local_machine\system\conmtrolset001\services\i8042prt -

1 = enabled
4 = disabled

September 20, 2007


Problem: complete backup

My documents, desktop, root drive(s).
Include also:
PST files, outlook express (C:\Documents and Settings\user\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{E5D144DF-E473-40E0-B7CB-943EFCFCBD76}\Microsoft\Outlook Express) ,
address book, Favorites, Bookmarks (mozilla), local settings, application data,
printers, screen resolution, programs, computer name and description

September 19, 2007

No Auto update

how to turn off windows automatic updates in registry

- H_local_machine - software - policies - microsoft - windows - windows update - AU
no auto update = 1