February 26, 2012

Docking station

Problem: First use of docking station - how to mount notepad

First move the plastic grip (L shape) all the way up, so notepad can fit without interruption.
Then, connect the parts of notepad with the docking station, they can't go wrong way. Press so that notepad sits in the docking station.
Then move the plastic grip so it can dock the notepad in its place, so the next mounting can go easier.

February 23, 2012

CONVERT excel formula is not working

Problem: Excel refuse to accept formula for Convert

Formula found in a book or on web site is:
=CONVERT(A1*5280, "ft", "m")/1000

=CONVERT(1.0, "lbm", "kg")

It should contain semi-colon (;) instead of virgola (,) in order to work:

=CONVERT(A1*5280; "ft"; "m")/1000

Also, if NONAME appears, as help on Microsoft web page suggest - Analysis pack should be instaled, that is, it should be selected in Tools - Add-ins - Analysis Tool-pak


February 21, 2012

Office 2007; Chart doesn't appear when no network

Problem: Only in Office 2007 a chart doesn't display, also printers are unavailable when no network present

In office 2003 everything works fine,
but in Office 2007 chart doesn't appear when network cable is disconnected. It turns out as grayed out, blank with background colour, with no selections available (as shown in picture). Also when there is no network, all printers or even print preview is unavailable - including pdf makers, local printers, network printers... Word works ok, this problem appear only in Excel.
Chart is displayed with no problem when network is connected and all printers are available when network cable is connected.

Problem was the default printer:
Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Once some other one was selected as the default one, everything worked fine.

System error &H80004005 (-2147467259)

Problem: After Office 2007 reinstal there are multiple errors

Excel options - Resources - run Microsoft Diagnostics

February 17, 2012

Change default balloon size in Word 2003/2007

Problem: Where is option for default font size for commentary?

Office 2007:CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + S
Manage Styles - Select order - Alphabetically
Balloon - Mofify - select New document..

Ofice 2003:
Format - Styles and Formatting -
Show: Custom - Style - All style -
Balloon - Modify

February 16, 2012

HP Laserjet 6500A problems

Problem: HP Laserjet 6500A refuse to scan, then it makes a partial copy

Software installed on Windows7 from official CD for HP Laserjet 6500A results in on screen message
hp scan application cannot detect the ocr software
Problem probably begun because software was installed without printer physically connected to PC during instalation (there is an option to continue without connection). And problem was solved by unistaling and re-instaling the software.
However, once windows are in shut down, then started again, it should be linked every time, PC to printer, via HP 6500 software. This didn't happen on Windows XP.

Second problem, as a copier, results on only part copy and error message that paper size doesn't match. It was solvbed by firmware update on HP web page for HP Laserjet 6500A. Update itself was easy - click and run.

No adapter in device manager

Problem: No network on Asus P5GD1-VM/Vintage motherboard, Windows Xp

Didn't help:
checking BIOS options for onboard network card - it was enabled
instaling another network card
cmd - netsh commands
Microsoft fix it
uninstal antivirus sw
repair windows

It was solved by taking HDD out from the case and placing it in new PC with the same type of motherboard.
Obviously problem was in faulty motherboard, not virus, software or Windows-related. Somehow it banished all network possibilities. However, network worked fine via USB network adapter.

February 14, 2012

Setup is being restarted...

Problem: XP is in the loop after repair XP option

Disabling I/O units and various cards in BIOS didn't help. Nor exploring setup logs with SHIFT + F10 option

Problem was solved by using Windows XP SP1 instalation CD, instead of the one with SP3.

February 09, 2012

Invitations are not arriving in Inbox on Outlook

Problem: Appointment/Scheduling, meeting requests are sent and marked as delivered at sender's sent items, however they do not appear in Inbox

Person who receives invitations had a delegate and all appointments and invitations ended up at the delegate's mail.

Remove delegates option or delegate itself to solve this problem:
Tools - Options - Delegates