February 14, 2012

Setup is being restarted...

Problem: XP is in the loop after repair XP option

Disabling I/O units and various cards in BIOS didn't help. Nor exploring setup logs with SHIFT + F10 option

Problem was solved by using Windows XP SP1 instalation CD, instead of the one with SP3.

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Mike Murray said...

I have the exact Problem you illuminated; for a friend I am up grading a damaged XP - OS to a reinstall a new set up of XP. The set up is in a loop, prior to the Loop the system was telling about some MAX Sound file that was in the way, reinstall, but I had no such file to my knowledge in the man's Tower Hard Drive.

Right I have the SP1 file on a CDRW; that disk is in the CD Drive, and the boot is set for hitting the CDRW Drive, and not Drive C.

So I doing the SP1 attempted restart of the CPU, expecting the system to hit the CDRW Drive, pick up the SP1 file and install, but nothing happens. Nothing. The boot just not materialize.

I am suspecting I am missing some caliber of code to have the system STOP at CR Drive and pick up it's passenger, the SP1 file, and install same. But I have nothing, it just sets there.

I do not know what that missing piece is, nor where to find it.

Can anyone out there help me ?

Mike / murzo1@aol.com and murzo1one@gmail.com