February 16, 2012

HP Laserjet 6500A problems

Problem: HP Laserjet 6500A refuse to scan, then it makes a partial copy

Software installed on Windows7 from official CD for HP Laserjet 6500A results in on screen message
hp scan application cannot detect the ocr software
Problem probably begun because software was installed without printer physically connected to PC during instalation (there is an option to continue without connection). And problem was solved by unistaling and re-instaling the software.
However, once windows are in shut down, then started again, it should be linked every time, PC to printer, via HP 6500 software. This didn't happen on Windows XP.

Second problem, as a copier, results on only part copy and error message that paper size doesn't match. It was solvbed by firmware update on HP web page for HP Laserjet 6500A. Update itself was easy - click and run.

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