March 14, 2012

Paper tray can't be pulled out

Problem: Samsung ML-2851 paper tray got stuck

2 plastic hooks at the back of printer got hooked to rear side.
It can be pressed, push upward and thus released in its normal position.
Normally, there is plastic protection on place where tray get hooked upon.

March 13, 2012

Microsoft Office Document Scanning not showing multiple pages

Problem: There is "corrupt" message on additional pages when scanning with Miscrosoft scan and pages don't appear

Problem was program opening scaned image -
it was Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
Once the default program is changed to Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and program closed,
all pages appeared.

March 06, 2012

Some e-mails can't open in Outlook 2003

Problem: "The text formatting command is not available. it may not be installed"

Reinstaling Office 2003 didn't help.
Re-instaling IE8 helped (as suggested by Microsoft web).