October 26, 2012

Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 graphics adapter driver

Problem: Asrock Intel Series Z68 Pro3 Gen3 can't instal graphic's driver

Driver found on original Asrock Cd or Asrock Web page  didn't help, there is an error message "minimum requirements". Windows Update found driver and instal it without problem.

Unknown device (ACPI properties) can't be instaled - workaround is disabling option in BIOS:
Advanced - Intel(R) Smart Connect Technology - Disable it.

October 16, 2012

Lenovo G565 model 20071 Unknown device

Problem: There is unknown driver although all drivers were installed from Lenovo web page

Right click directs to ACPI as property for unknown driver.
Solution is here:

Unknown driver was actually utility - "Energy management".

October 04, 2012

LSM-100 has no OpenGL on Windows8

Problem: LG Mouse scanner is not working on Windows 8

Installing drivers for LSM-100 reports error at start that OpenGL is not found.
Windows8 Enterprise installed drivers for Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT however these are not sufficient for mouse scanner LSM-100.
Installing the newest drivers for Nvidia graphic's  card solved the problem and scan works on Windows 8.