December 16, 2008

DNS returns values not set by user

Problem: Although DNS is set automatically, it changes back to settings

There was a bug on PC,

In: c - windows - system32:




December 12, 2008

Office 2003 deinstalation/instalation/repair cannot be completed

Problem: There is a message "Insert disk" during (re)instalation/deinstalation of Office 2003

Delete files Office, to run Office Removal Kit,
do not help!

Project report similar error.

First, to deinstal project:
copy PRJPROE file and FILES folder from instalation CD/DVD into:

C - WINDOWS - Installer(to view folder - Show hidden/unhide)

copy PRO11 from Office CD/DVD into

C - WINDOWS - Installer

and run Deinstalation of Project.

then copy whole contents of foler Office11 (location is on CD/DVD: WINDOWS - Installer - FILES - PFILES - MSOFFICE)

into C - WINDOWS - Installer - FILES - PFILES - MSOFFICE - Office11

and after that run Deinstalation of Office.

For some reason, Installer folder must have installation files which are found on Installation CD/DVD, the ones found on medium are not valid.

December 11, 2008


Problem: Memory stick cannot be opened directly

..but only via Windows Explorer.
csrgc.exe is behind it.

to clean it from memory stick:
delete inside RECYCLER on it (Tools - Folder options - View - Show hidden + unclick Hide system files)
and rename autorun, and delete it on the next connection

It can also be found in:

Excel crashes when closing

Problem: Excel report error when finishing

When closing excel, go to
1. File - Close
(if excel crash here, click on restore window on worksheet before step 1)
2. File - Exit

and installing Open office.

Removing excel 2003,deleting office files didn't help, instaling excel 2007 didn't help. It works OK when opening new document but when current documents are opened, they spoil all other work with excel and start crashing new and old documents in excel! Service packs also didn't help.

4/7/2009 UPDATE

Device cannot start (CODE 10) - C-MEDIA AC97 Audio Device

Problem: C-Media audio driver from Windows update is not right

After Windows Update of audio driver, there was error Code 10 with audio-

Unistal it from Control Panel - Add remove programs

and then unistal it from Device manager

The first driver offered for download via google search is not OK.
This driver worked OK:

December 08, 2008

Blue screen when installing XP on Lenovo R500

Problem: There is error message with CHKDSK/f during first instal of XP

Serial ATA settings -
choose Compatibility (instead of AHCI)

December 05, 2008

Nothing happens after login

Problem: Explorer.exe is not present, only desktop picture

in run - regedit:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

Shell was missing Explorer.exe

it had to be added up

To open Regedit - it is possible from task manager - new task,
CTRL+ALT+DEL works after login even though there is only desktop image on the screen

December 02, 2008

Nothing happens at Add printer

Problem: Add Printer Wizard do not appear, neither software instal works (reports error), nor instal via network

printui.dll in Windows - System32 was missing.

Once copied from Ok pc - PC must be RESTARTED to take effect.

Uninstal suspicious software (like Microsoft drivers), resetting firewall, removing Netclient from network settings, antivirus scan - didn't help.