December 12, 2008

Office 2003 deinstalation/instalation/repair cannot be completed

Problem: There is a message "Insert disk" during (re)instalation/deinstalation of Office 2003

Delete files Office, to run Office Removal Kit,
do not help!

Project report similar error.

First, to deinstal project:
copy PRJPROE file and FILES folder from instalation CD/DVD into:

C - WINDOWS - Installer(to view folder - Show hidden/unhide)

copy PRO11 from Office CD/DVD into

C - WINDOWS - Installer

and run Deinstalation of Project.

then copy whole contents of foler Office11 (location is on CD/DVD: WINDOWS - Installer - FILES - PFILES - MSOFFICE)

into C - WINDOWS - Installer - FILES - PFILES - MSOFFICE - Office11

and after that run Deinstalation of Office.

For some reason, Installer folder must have installation files which are found on Installation CD/DVD, the ones found on medium are not valid.

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