June 30, 2009

Online scan is not working

Problem: Antivirus cannot be updated also

This was caused by malware, it was detected and removed by free F-Secure Easy Clean:

June 18, 2009

Excel do not sum decimal points

Problem: When there are numbers with decimal point, sum function is not working

Settings should be:

Tools - Options -


set as:
Decimal separator .
Thousand separator ,
unckeck Use system separators

and restart excel to take effect!

June 06, 2009

Unknown driver in IBM R52 (Type 1846) drivers list

Problem: After intallation of all drivers from Lenovo web, there is unknown ACPI/NSC1100

It is:
Winbond Trusted Platform,
it is located on official Lenovo web site, but to instal it, driver should be manually found and located in TPM folder (in C-IBM drivers folder) which are automatically created during instal.

June 04, 2009

Services.msc do not show up

Problem: Services appear blank

Click on standard (extended is default) and it will show up