June 26, 2013

Status message at startup trying to instal itself

Problem: After repairing Windows XP there is Status error message in loop

It was caused by HP software
HP Deskjet F4200 All-in-one DriverSoftware 11.0 Rel.3
Once uninstalled, the message was gone.

Paste special is not showing standard features

Problem: Copy-paste in excel doesn't show paste special for formatting

On the internet, it is said that skype is causing this, and that browsers should be closed, with add-in for skype disabled :
in this case, skype was not installed on user's PC. So immediate solution was to close Mozilla and IE -
and copy - paste worked ok.

Mail merge items show various decimal points, only 2 are needed

Problem: In Excel, mail merge option inserts decimal points with 0,xx and 0,xxxxxxx format and user wants only 0,xx

This web page helped:
Changing How Word Displays Numbers in Mail Merge

the best solution is to include a switch in the merge field.

 {MERGEFIELD "Iznos"\#--0,00x }

June 07, 2013

Page numbering in Word 2010

Problem: Insert - Page number options does not insert solely page number, it adds format header as well

(Thanks to Tomi):
Insert - Page Number - Current Position


However if that doesn't work, to insert only page number, go to;
Insert tab - Quick Parts - Field

NumPages is total number of pages.