September 30, 2008

TCP/IP is not enabled

Problem: Laptop connects to internet provider but there is no network traffic, web pages unavailable...

User has used bridge settings for MAC (ie Network bridge , MAC bridge miniport) and included current network settings. It worked fine after it was excluded (unchecked) from MAC bridge menu

Screen on laptop Asus A6RP becomes dimmer when unplugged

Problem: Although power settings are turned off, the notebook screen turns blank after loosing power

Quick solution is to press function button FN and F6 few times to get brightness.

In BIOS there is option under POWER menu - LCD POWER SETTINGS which was disabled.

But it finally stopped to get dimmer after batterylife.exe was removed from start-up list (from MSCONFIG check options)

September 23, 2008

Insert page number from other page than 1

Problem: How to insert page numbers from page 3, without showing on previous pages

Click on page 3

Insert - Break

Section break type - Next page

Then footer - insert page, show on 1st page

and click on Link to previous - to remove links to previous pages which user want to be blank,

and delete page 1 on page 1 to remove pages 1 and 2 so that they are blank, ie without page numbers

September 22, 2008

Unknown device after installing Notebook Asus V1S

Problem: PCI Simple Communications Controller driver can't be found

Laptop Asus V1S problem;
After installing VGA NVidia driver from the Asus V1S Driver CD, unistal and search for new hardware from CD.

Unknown device is:

Intel Managment Engine Interface

September 18, 2008

How to copy current slide template to the new one

Problem: User wants to copy slide design from one presentation to the other

It's called Title Master
open presentation with template you want
View - Master - Slide Master
Save As a Design Template
- it will be available in Slide Design Task Pane

September 17, 2008

Remove color on text below desktop icon

Problem: How to remove color on desktop text icon

System properties - Advanced - Performance - Settings

Performance options;


check box:

Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop

Remove automatic login on XP

Problem: PC boots windows and shows different user automatically

control userpasswords2
Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer

September 15, 2008

Me Drivers for printer ML-2851

Problem: There are no printer drivers for Windows Me for Samsung ML-2851

It works with substitute drivers which are already on Win Me - for Samsung ML-85, during instalation use drivers offered by Instal Dialog