October 11, 2007

HP Compaq 6710s - further problems

Problem: after installation of Win XP, there are problems with drivers

First, if it is installed with XP with latest patches and updates, there are no problems with modem and audio. But if all drivers that are found on HP.COM are installed, then miniport #3 appears with exclamation point (!) and it cannot be uninstalled.
So, when hdd is formatted and installed all over again with basic Win XP Service pack2, there is no miniport error at all but there is instead a problem with audio and uknown driver. Plus, not all drivers from Hp.com-support web site should be installed - in order to avoid phantom miniport driver.
To resolve Audio driver - first there must be installed KB888111XPSP2.exe patch (for some reason not found on microsoft.com but via google resources) - in order to resolve error "HDA AUDIO BUS DRIVER". And then instal official audio driver found on hp.com.
Unknown driver - it is quick launch driver, keyboard-filter_01. Also found on hp.com

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