October 13, 2008

Xerox Phaser 8550 report add ink but there is enough ink

Problem: "Add magenta" error but there is full magenta ink in Xerox printer

This link helped:

Solid ink that was first to be taken inside of printer's catridge was deformed and thus printer reported that there is no ink present although it was filled up full. Once it was removed out of (with the help of office knife) and replaced with healthy chunks, it was ready again.


Xerox 8400 ink said...

This is the precise reason that I did not invest in a Phaser printer just yet. As with every new technology, there will always be kinks and issues to work out. It is a magnificent new technology, and I hope that it really catches on. Between the solid stick ink and the new self-erasing paper that is suppose to be presented soon, I think that Xerox will definitely bounce back from the past year of declination.

Anonymous said...

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