January 30, 2013

Canon iR 1018 drivers for Windows7 not recognized

Problem: Canon iR1018 driver for windows 7 64bit cannot be installed

Installation was in two parts - one part was instaled by drivers provided by Canon web page.
However, second part - scanner - could not be instaled by any driver at Canon web page.
Solution was - to use drivers for XP, Vista.

Another problem is that Toolbox utility for scanner is not offered at drivers' Canon web page - it can be found via google.

Printer driver for iR1018/1022 series for WindowsXP/2003/Vista x64


Jānis Ķengurs said...

What driver worked for Windows 7 64 ?
That in link doesnt..

Jānis Ķengurs said...

That link driver didnt helped for scanner.
What driver from XP for Windows 7 64bit driver worked? None works for me.