April 11, 2008

Excel do not show up

Problem: When opening document made in excel, it is not displayed

Symptoms: When shortcut of excel is opened, it is ok. But if any created excel documents are opened, it appears as if document is blocked from opening and nothing appears except toolbar. Document is not in "restore" mode, so maximize can't be done (which is often problem when excel document is not appearing). Also, office is deinstalled and reinstalled - and that didn't help. But when logging as other user (for example administrator, it works ok. This user also had macro button (on pic above it appears as yellow smiley, and when it's clicked on it, document appears!) Removal of that button didn't help. Checking visual basic script settings also didn't helped.

Solution: Since it works from other user, obvious solution was to replace current user with the new one and of course copy back all documents, pst files etc.


Easy and quick solution;

In Excel options -
Tools- Options - General -
uncheck Ignore Other Applications

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