April 29, 2008

Interactive logon process initialization has failed

Problem: On Vista there is an error message before login

"Logon process Initialization Failure. Interactive logon process initialization has failed.
Please consult the event log for more details."

Zeljko and this web helped:

go to repair (press F8 immediately after starting and select first choice), then go to command prompt from repair window. The same window can be found via Vista installation DVD.
Then copy

restart and wait a bit.


Anonymous said...

What happens if the files that you listed in the x: is not in the DVD that came with the computer. I have a dell 1530.

PCproblems said...

unfortunately, I can only give you some advice without actual work.
first try to type the command even though you can't find it on dvd! If it's not there I guess the corrupted files depend on vista version.
then, maybe "repair windows" without format option from your vista dvd would work?

Joel said...

I copied this file. It overwrote the file correctly, but did not resolve the problem.

JLA said...
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JLA said...

I also tried with no success. Any other ideas?

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